What is AR?
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Accelerated Reader (AR) is an extra-curricular program for students in grades 2-5 which provides added incentive for students to read and to show understanding of what they have read. Here’s how it works:

  • Students choose books at their reading level and read them independently.
  • Students take a multiple-choice comprehension quiz about the book independently on a computer at school. (Quizzes cannot be accessed from a home computer.)
  • Points are earned for correct answers. The easiest books are worth 1/2 point. As reading level and length of the book increases, so do the number of quiz questions and points awarded.
  • Students receive incentives when certain point levels are reached. Each grade has separate point level incentives. (See brochure.)
  • See AR bulletin board in computer lab also for student levels reached.

Below are points students can earn in the third grade every time they pass an AR test. There is also a link to our Media Center Parent Guide you can access that explains how you can view your child's progress online!

3rd Grade:
Level 1 = 8 pointsLevel 2 = 16 pointsLevel 3 = 32 pointsLevel 4 = 64 points

Home Connection and Parent Guide to ARhttp://media-center.greenfield.birmingham.k12.mi.us/modules/locker/files/get_group_file.phtml?gid=2207553&fid=22006592&sessionid=c446c70b7e7c0f13979e9f17698d6047